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Doors of Paradise Online Walk

Explore the Wine Doors of Florence, Italy.

Pop open a bottle of your favorite Chianti and discover the exciting history of Florence’s wine doors.

You may have seen them on Stanley Tucci’s CNN special Searching for Italy, or in the dozens of articles written in the past year, but one thing is certain: everyone is curious about these delightful little wine doors in Florence. 

Join author and photographer, Robbin Gheesling, and a Taste Florence food and wine guide, and explore several little doors as we go back in time to discover their origins.

  • What are the wine doors and why were they made? 

  • Who used them? A wine tradition with noble origins.

  • What kinds of wines were they producing? 

  • How else have they been used in history? Their use during plagues and pandemics.

  • Other modern uses, from mailboxes to doorbells.

  • Why are they shaped the way they are? 

  • Why are some so low to the street?

As your Taste Florence guide walks you through the streets of Florence, Robbin will be on zoom sharing information gained during her years of extensive research dedicated to publishing her book on the wine doors of Florence. 

And of course, since these doors were created to sell the Chianti of noble families, pour yourself a glass of your favorite Chianti and drink in the history while you join us. This online experience lasts about 1 hour, 10 minutes.

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